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    99% Genie Cat Litter Deodorizer

    New Deodorization Technology To Eliminate The pesky Odors Of The Cat Litter

    How Does The Odor Eliminator Work?

    This Cat Litter Box Odor Eliminator produces anions known to be able to catch and combine with the dust and inhaling floating objects that are positive ion in the air, then sink to ground, keep them out of your throat and nasal mucosa, which helps to improve sleep quality and prevent respiratory diseases, enhance ciliary movement of tracheal mucosa epithelium and increase the activity of respiratory enzyme in epithelial villi.

    How To Use Genie Cat Litter Deodorizer?

    1. First turn on the power switch on the righthand side of the cat litter deodorizer. Short press the power button to switch between modes

    2. There is an adhesive-backed sticker on the back of the odor eliminator, you can tear it off and paste it where you want to paste it.

    3. When the product needs to be charged, it will show a red light, you can turn it counterclockwise to remove it, and use the usb port to charge it.

    Why choose Genie Cat  Litter Deodorizer?

    1. 99% Deodorization: With our 2-in-1 (Air Purifier and Odor Eliminator) cat genie, it eliminates pet odors and gives you perfect protection from dust, pollen, and pet hair. Just place the deodorizer in or near the litter boxes for 2-3 days to make sure there is no odor around.

    2. 99.9% Dust-Free: Cat litter box odor eliminator can produce anions to combine with the positively charged dust, adding weight to the dust and falling down to the ground. Cat genie covers well in an area of up to 150 cubic feet.

    3. Auto Purifying Air All Day:Thanks for the smart sensor, cat genie automatically purifying the air to make you and your pets comfortable. Cat genie will start ozone sterilization for 8 mins and fragrance for 5 mins when pet detected left. The fragrance is specially formulated for pets and it is a fresh, non-irritating long-lasting aroma and purely composed of natural ingredients.

    Litter Box Maintenance & Accessories

    • Size: 3.74*1.77*3.62 inches

    • Weight: 0.42 lb

    • Deodorization Rate: ≥99%

    • Dust-Free Rate: ≥99.9%

    • Working Hours: 24-hour

    • Battery Life: 5-day of battery life

    • Charging Method: USB Powered(15 inches USB cable)

    • Sensing Method: Smart Movement Detection

    Important Notes

    • You may feel that the odor has not disappeared on the first day of use. Wait 2-3 days slowly, and you will find that the effect is completely different.
    • For better odor control, place the deodorizer in your litter box or make sure it's close to the box.
    • When cleaning the litter box every week, you can take out the cat litter deodorizer and charge it.
    • You cloud always plug it in if you want the cat genie works all the time 


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