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Ask any cat parent, and they will tell you their biggest kitty gripe is how easily their fur baby gets bored with whatever toy they've brought for them! Sure, they'll play with it for a day or two. Heck, maybe even a week. But sooner rather than later their little fur baby turns its little snout up and moves onto the next thing (most often the curtains!). Well, we at CatPrestige work hard to design toys that are bonafide kitty boredom proof! That's why we're introducing to you... the Circuit Senses Toy Cat.

Designed to be disassembled, reworked, and reshaped at the drop of a hat! The Circuit Senses Toy Cat is designed for those ADHD kitties that have the attention span of a lightning bolt! As soon as your kitty decides its had enough playing with one version of the Racetrack builder... in the blink of an eye, you can disassemble, rearrange.. and VIOLA! You have yourself a brand new toy!


  • Appeals to your cat's senses of sight, sound, and touch which are key when hunting prey.
  • Specially designed to entice, engage, and entertain your cat while appealing to his natural hunting instincts.
  • Peek-a-Boo Track - design allows the cat to see, chase, and swat the ball.


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