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    Did you know too many cats are bored, depressed, and inactive because there isn’t enough stimulation in the environment!

    If you work long hours or if you have a kitty who spends so much time alone in her home, it can get to the point where they're just isn’t anything interesting to do. This leads to problems such as aggression, feline obesity, and a poor bond between the cat and its human. In fact, many loving cats are needlessly euthanized by their owners because of a simple misunderstanding: cats are outdoor creatures, and they need constant stimulation!

     Is there a way to keep your cat entertained without breaking the bank for multiple cat toys? Yes! That’s where The Interactive Puzzle Pet Feeding Toy comes to the rescue.

    The latest member of the CATPRESTIGE family, the Interactive Puzzle Pet Feeding Toy contains a jingling bell that rings whenever your cat interacts with the toy! Keeping your cat entertained for hours!

     Designed by leading pet psychologists as the perfect kitty boredom buster. Eradicate any unwanted aggressiveness!
     Created to stimulate your cats hunting instincts, as it has to "earn" its food! Helping avoid feline obesity and keeping your cat fit.
     Sturdy, long-lasting, non-toxic design. Simply unscrew the base, put in your dry treats, and watch your cat go!
     Slows down eating speeds, preventing feline indigestion and vomiting!
     60mm Diameter, and 85mm in height


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