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    Waterproof Cat Litter Mat

    "Oh no!! He’s done it again!”


     Surely this is something that all cat owners have said on at least one occasion when they come home to find the cat litter all over the floor?

     But bless them, it’s not kitty’s fault. Cats are INCREDIBLY clean animals (that’s one of the reasons we love them so much!). But when they come out of the litter tray, it’s almost inevitable that some of the litter is going to come along with them…

    If this problem is getting you down, you need the Waterproof Cat Litter Mat. This is the solution to homes with too much cat litter getting everywhere. It is so simple but so effective.

    It is essentially a double-layered litter mat that captures the litter that falls out when kitty has finished. The litter falls into the holes in the upper layer, preventing it from spreading all over the house. Instead of having a fit every time you find litter on the floor, you can simply lift it up and put the litter back in the tray where it belongs.

    The house is tidy, and everyone’s happy! 

     Double-layered (the upper layer catches the litter, so when you lift it up you can quickly return litter to the tray where it belongs!)

     Cleans with water (just shake off the litter and wash with water for a no-hassle way to keep your mat clean)

     Doubles up as a scratching mat or doormat (why stick to just one use? Shake things up by using it as your doormat or let kitty scratch his claws on it!)

    Try it out yourself and see just what a difference it can make!

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