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    Melon Madness Cat Puzzle Feeder

    Curious Cats Need to Play!

    Cats need to be challenged. That’s why our cat puzzle toys are the perfect way to keep cats playing. While humans use vision to navigate their world, cats use their keen sense of smell to gather information, problem-solve, and hunt for food. By providing your cat with daily treat puzzles, you are enriching their lives in ways that other toys and activities don’t.


    Savor the Flavor!

    Puzzle feeders are great for fast-eating cats because they slow down their eating pace. You can use all kinds of treats or food in our puzzles, and you can even use wet food in the compartments in the base.

    • 12 hidden treat compartments
    • Stimulates natural foraging instincts
    • Encourages healthy eating pace
    • Keeps cats occupied
    • No removable parts for safer play
    • Easy to clean with soap & water

    How to Play

    1. Start Simple

    When introducing a treat puzzle to your cat, start simple. Fill compartments with tasty treats or food and leave them uncovered and visible. Place the puzzle where your cat usually eats and have patience! Cats like to investigate new things several times before deciding if they want to engage with them.

    2. Increase the Difficulty

    When your cat feels comfortable eating from the treat puzzle, the next step is to cover the food so that it is still a little visible. When your cat understands how it works, make the puzzle progressively more difficult by covering the treats or food according to the instructions.

    3. Try a New Level

    Our treat puzzles are available in different difficulty levels. Intermediate suits all playful and food-motivated cats. Advanced is great for active or smart cats who like challenges. 


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