Cute Anti-Vomiting Ceramic Cat Bowl


Most Cat Owners accept vomiting as a natural part of their behavior, but just because cats seem to have more than their fair share of stomach issues doesn’t mean you don’t have options.

Why your cats need an elevated pet bowl?

Promotes digestion and protect your cats from having back pain & neck pain caused by bending down as low to reach their dish. This Raised Ceramic Cat bowls would be perfect for small & medium dogs and cats while is especially recommended for:

  • Elderly pets
  • Pets with arthritis
  • Naughty pets who sometimes inadvertently knock his water bowl over.

Features & Benefits:

Reduce Neck Burden: The cat food is high enough so the cats don’t need to bend their heads too much to feed, which prevents vomiting and neck pain.

No Slip Wood Stand: This elevated cat bowl is a good choice for the messy eater. The wood stand and the weight of ceramic bowl prevent playful cats from nudging bowls around the floor and tipping the contents out.

Easy to Use & Clean: These bowls are Dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning and better usage for a long period of time. Also, they are microwave-safe, so you can put them into the microwave oven to heat the food. Your cat can eat warm food even in cold weather.

Adjustable Height: We can get two different heights by flipping the bamboo stand. These elevated cat bowls are perfect for cats and small dogs from different stages of childhood to adulthood, which is very convenient and practical.

Safe & Healthy Material: Ceramic material is sturdy, rust-free, and harmless to cats. And the natural bamboo holder is coated with varnish, which is waterproof and durable


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