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    Cat•Prestige™ Interactive Cat Feeding Toy


    Did you know too many cats are bored, depressed, and inactive because there isn’t enough stimulation in the environment!

    If you work long hours or if you have a kitty who spends so much time alone in her home, it can get to the point where they're just isn’t anything interesting to do. This leads to problems such as aggression, feline obesity, and a poor bond between the cat and its human. In fact, many loving cats are needlessly euthanized by their owners because of a simple misunderstanding: cats are outdoor creatures, and they need constant stimulation!

    Is there a way to keep your cat entertained without breaking the bank for multiple cat toys? Yes! That’s where This Smart Interactive Cat Feeding Toy comes to the rescue.

    Fearures & Benefits:

    • Multi-Functional: Cats cannot refuse the temptation of this puzzle toy : Turntable Track Ball, Food Dispensing Function, No Power Gravity Swing, Moving toy forwards or backward, The Top Propeller.......better attract cat's attention and interest of playing. Help release anxiety, eliminate boredom, conduct IQ training, etc.
    • Fun Playing and Training: The funny feeding function allows the cat to get snacks by nudge and they will do their best to shake the toy to make the snacks come out from the toy, eating while playing, which will encourage the cat to continue chasing so that the cat can exercise and keep health.
    • Adjustable Food and Snack Dispensing: You can easily adjust the size of food dispensing holes based on your intended needs to control the speed and amount of the food or snack for your cats. The different feeding difficulty adds more fun to the cat’s diet and training. Also You can close it.
    • Healthy Material: This kitty moving toy is made of Eco-friendly and healthy ABS material, which is strong and durable, non-toxic and safe for your cats. Easy to use. Suitable for kittens and cats of any age.

    NOTE: The maximum diameter of the food dispensing hole can be adjusted to 0.5 inch, the added food should be smaller than this diameter, or the food can be cut a little smaller then put it in. Please put dry granulated food instead of sticky food.


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