Hilarious Cat Scratching Toy Board

Original price was: $46.63.Current price is: $29.99.

Hilarious Cat Scratching Toy Board

Original price was: $46.63.Current price is: $29.99.

Ever seen any other cat toys like this magic accordion cat scratcher toy? This cat scratching toy is transmutative if you turn over and over or pull, or join the 2 magnetic ends for a circle and watch your cats stretch and play on the toy like crazy with the magic fun of shape changing!

This cat scratching pad is made of high density, recycled corrugated cardboard. It is safe and strong enough to withstand aggressive scratching of your cats. The unique magic organ design makes the pad work as a lounge bed or a scratching pad. This cat scratcher is variable in shape. Cats will love it as it’s not only for cat’s claw grinding, but also for playing and resting. It has a built-in ball which can be a good toy for cats. The scratcher is the best choice for cats to unleash their nature and keep their claws healthy and protect your furniture.

Features & Benefits:

Durable Cat Scratcher – Scratching is cat’s natural instinct. With this scratcher toy, it saves you furniture from claws. This magic organ cat scratching toy features thickened corrugated cardboard and serried honeycomb mesh, making it something cats love to get their claws into while no hurting to cat claws. It promotes your cat’s healthy nail growth by satisfying their natural urges – all without running your furniture!

All-In-One Cat Toy – Few cats could resist any of these: cardboard or catnip or jingle bell roller balls, not to mention the three together! Bonus catnip is included in the package. Simply spray some catnip over the cat scratching board to add more fun for cats! What’s more, turn the scratcher into a circle with inside round track, the jingle bell rolling balls in the track will keep cats swatting, batting back and forth and chase!

Cat’s Comfort Zone – Offers an ideal place for cats to nap or sleep in thanks to the free stretch design of the structure


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