Professional Ultra Soft Cat Hair Brush [Made In Germany]

Original price was: $37.46.Current price is: $29.97.

Professional Ultra Soft Cat Hair Brush [Made In Germany]

Original price was: $37.46.Current price is: $29.97.

This professional-grade grooming cat brush is crafted with natural bristles and features a handle made of solid beech wood with a nutwood varnish. Designed to gently comb through fine cat hair, it removes dead hairs and enhances the sheen of your cat’s coat. Regular grooming with this brush can help prevent hairballs, reduce shedding, and promote healthier skin by stimulating blood circulation. A must-have brush for cat groomers and show-cats, it also aids in early detection of skin issues and parasites, contributing to overall feline health.


The Ultimate Cat Brush For De-Matting: Deshedding just got easier with this cat grooming brush that is the ultimate tool for raking shaggy, dead and loose cat and kitten hair.
Untangle Cat Coats Quickly: Clear out tangles and mats from your cat’s coat, whether she is a small or large breed, with this grooming cat brush tool that features a wide wooden handle for a better grip.
De-Matting Cat Grooming Tool: Made with a durable and high-quality wooden handle for an easy grip, this cat brush with ¾-inch bristles is perfect for deshedding and thinning your cat’s furry coat.
Easy Grooming Brushes: Stop pulling out your pet’s hair and make the grooming experience more enjoyable with this pet grooming tool perfect for cats and kittens with shaggy undercoats.


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