Replacement Filters (Fit Faucet-Design Cat Water Fountain)

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Enhance the health and happiness of your feline friend

Crafted to perfection, these replacement foam sponge pre-filters are tailored to fit seamlessly with the Faucet-Design Cat Water Fountain Dispenser. Designed to maintain the purity of your cat’s drinking water, these filters ensure that your beloved companions stay hydrated with clean and refreshing water.

Say goodbye to worries about impurities or debris affecting their hydration. Trust in the reliability of our Cat Water Fountain Filters to provide your cats with the purest drinking experience, making every sip a step towards their well-being. Your cat deserves the best!

Triple Filtration System: keep water healthy and fresh

  • High density cotton sponge: Stop hairs and residue, keep water clean.
  • High-content activated carbon: Remove chlorine and odor, purify and freshen water.
  • Ion exchange resin mesh: Remove heavy metals and improve taste
  • Effect: Effectively maintain water quality, increase oxygen content, keep water healthy for your pets.
  • Protect Water Pump: Prevent hairs and residue from entering into water pump, extend the life time of your fountain pump.


  • Compatibility: Compatible with WF050 & WF100 cat water fountain fountains.
  • Premium Filtration System: High-density and high-content activated carbon filter effectively to filter hair, heavy metals. keeping your pet’s water clean and fresh.
  • Arc-Shaped Filter Size: Size is 4.5 in long and 2.25 in wide. Filter thickness is about 0.75in.


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8 Filters, 12 Filters, 16 Filters


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