Smart Motion Activated Cat Laser Toy

Original price was: £47.71.Current price is: £23.85.

Smart Motion Activated Cat Laser Toy

Original price was: £47.71.Current price is: £23.85.

Introducing the ultimate playtime companion for your beloved feline or canine friend: Automatic Laser Cat Toy , designed with the utmost care and innovation, this cat laser toy guarantees endless hours of fun and exercise for your indoor cats, kittens, and even dogs. Powered by a rechargeable battery, this toy eliminates the hassle of constantly replacing batteries. With its adjustable circling ranges, you can customize the play area according to your pet’s space, making it suitable for both small apartments and larger homes. The laser’s unpredictable movements mimic the motions of prey, keeping your pets engaged and their instincts sharp. Watch as your cats and dogs pounce, chase, and bat at the elusive laser, providing them with mental stimulation and physical activity. Not only does this toy provide entertainment for your pets, but it also offers you the opportunity to relax and enjoy their playful antics.

Features and Benefits : 

3 speed modes: This automatic cat laser toy has 3 adjustable speed: fast&slow mode mixed( blue light); slow mode(purple light); fast mode(yellow light).The interactive cat toy will meet the exercise of different cats

Automatic Play: This laser cat toy will automatically shut off 1.5 hrs every 10 mins working.Avoid over-stimulation, keep the game interesting.

Adjustable angles & installation: Place the cat toy on the desk/shelf, suck on the window. By setting the head angle or bottom bracket to adjustable projection positions, the cat laser will rotate in a circling pattern across floors or walls, appeal your cat’s natural hunting instinct.

Low Noise:  This electronic cat toy provides a quiet rotation while working which would not disturb you and your pets. Small size: 3 inches high ; 2.8 inches wide.

Rechargeable battery: This indoor cat toy built-in rechargeable battery, using the included USB cable.Fully charged about 2 hrs.

Safe for Pets& Fast Service: This laser toy has Class I laser IEC & FDA certification, safe for your pet to play with.


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